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8 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in Europe For Newlyweds

After saying “I do” in front of your family and friends, you begin the most beautiful journey of your life, together as husband and wife. And what better way to start your newlywed life together with an unforgettable honeymoon in Europe?

With its diverse climate, relief and various cultures, Europe has many beautiful honeymoon destinations for anyone and everyone. It has a little bit of everything, from unique architecture and history-rich places to breath-taking views and delicious food.
Whether you’re looking for an exotic destination, a cosmopolitan city or an adventure into the wild, you can find your dream destination in Europe. 

Here are the top places in Europe, perfect for an unforgettable honeymoon:

8. Santorini, Greece

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With its rich history, stunning views and original architecture, it’s no surprise that Greece is an ideal honeymoon destination for many newly married couples. 

One of our favorite is beautiful Santorini, renowned for its white-and-blue small houses and crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. A popular tourist destination surrounded by sea-filled volcanic caldera, Santorini offers some of the best sunset views in Greece. 

Newlyweds can spend their honeymoon relaxing in the quiet and serene scenery, soaking in the sun on some of the world’s most unique beaches, with black and red sand or swimming and snorkeling in Greece’s turquoise waters.

The more adventurous couples can try all kinds of water sports or explore this historical paradise and savour the laidback local culture on the streets of Santorini Island.

7. Innsbruck, Austria

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If you are used to Singapore’s exotic scenery and warm weather, newlyweds might want to try something different. For those of you, Austria has the perfect destination. 

Situated at the foothills of the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is a true winter wonderland, offering luxurious lodging, gorgeous views and great slopes for the cold-weather junkies. 

Newlyweds can also enjoy a walk through Old Town, admiring its cultural rich architecture and also experience the Austrian spirit or visit the Alpen zoo – one of the highest located zoo in Europe, where it is home to a complete collection of European alpine creatures.

6. Bruges, Belgium

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Located in near proximity to Brussels, Belgium’s capital, Bruges impresses tourists with its medieval air and architecture and romantic vibe. Visitors to the city-center Markt, are immediately awed by horse-drawn carriage rides and 17th-century houses converted into restaurants and cafes.

This idyllic city in northern Belgium has about 50 ancient castles that could easily makes newlyweds feel as if they are in a romantic movie, like knights and princesses during the medieval times. 

Long canals make their way through cobblestone buildings, while willow trees weep over the canal waters. Also known as the Venice of Northern Europe, multiple canals and bridges make it easy for tourists to explore by boat tours, on foot as well as by bicycle.

Famed for its chocolates, Bruges boasts more than 50 shops that offers a wide variety of chocolate for foodies with a sweet tooth. For beer connoisseurs, a visit to the Bruges Beer Museum promises to take you on a journey deep into the rich world of beer.  

There, one gets to learn about the history of beer and get to taste and smell many different types and styles of beer.  

5. Paris, France

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There couldn’t be a honeymoon destinations list without the city of love itself in it – Paris. 

Couples and romantics will easily feel at home in the City of Light, among history-rich buildings, museums and street-side cafes. 

A walk along the Seine River or through the Parisian gardens will turn even the rainiest afternoon in Paris into a perfect day for newlyweds. Buy a lock and have it engraved with your initials and then hang it on one of Paris’s lock bridges to express your eternal love promise for each other. 

With so many attractions and spots offering panoramic views of the city, a week in Paris will definitely be an unforgettable experience. At times it might seem like no amount of time is enough to visit the entire city and enjoy its atmosphere, history and culture. 

4. Venice, Italy

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Venice has long been one of the favorite honeymoon destinations of many newlywed couples. Second to Paris, it is considered one of Europe’s most romantic locations.

The capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region, Venice is enveloped by around 115 small islands within a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Riddled with a labyrinth of more than 150 canals that act as roadways, it is probably the only populated city in the world that one won’t see any vehicles!

Getting around the city is only limited to water taxis, gondola ferries or on foot. For those of you who wants to experience the city’s unique heritage, hopping onto a Gondola (traditional flat bottomed Venetian rowing boat) would be a much anticipated adventure.  

After all, nothing says “amore” better than a ride in the gondola through the canals and historic buildings of Venice, admiring the city’s history-rich architecture and serenade your wife while sailing the waters of Venice.

3. La Rioja, Spain

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While many think of Madrid, Barcelona, or even Ibiza, when anyone mentions about Spain, the country has many other fun places worth visiting. 

One of them is La Rioja in northern Spain, a region that is well-known for its vineyards and its local wine industry, perfectly combined with cuisine and culture. 

You can walk the streets of the town’s center where you’ll find some of the best traditional tapas spots, or you can visit the region’s vineyards and go wine tasting. 

The region is famous for its wine tradition and has a whole culture built around it, with wine museums and vineyards offering all kinds of tours and events. 

There is no shortage of amazing eats to be found in La Rioja. In fact, some say La Rioja has the best food and wine in Spain. Most villages in La Rioja are filled with pincho bars (northern Spain’s version of the tapa) and they serve one of the cheapest culinary fare you will find in Spain!

2. Algarve, Portugal

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Even though the exotic scenery might not look European at all, a few days in Algarve will convince you that this beach town in Portugal definitely has a certain European flair. 

Blessed with mild and sunny climate all year round and some of the best beaches in the world, Algarve is a hidden gem for newlyweds who seeks an adventurous honeymoon.

The both of you could spend time admiring the unique contrasts between stretches of golden coastlines and the beautiful rural countryside here. 

Couples could indulge in endless fun-filled activities at water parks, theme parks, zoos, kayaking, kite surfing, wakeboarding, and dinghy rides into caves and ‘grottos’ along the breath-taking coastline. 

One of the great things about Algarve is the friendly and welcoming locals. The coastal town also has plenty of good restaurants, bars and cafes that offers excellent local wines and delicious food at value for money prices - from freshly caught seafood to regional cured hams packed with flavour. 

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

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With a small population of 120,000, Reykjavik, is home to the National and Saga museums, tracing Iceland’s Viking history and culture of both the city and the country. 

Designated as a UNESCO City of Literature, Reykjavík is also the core of Iceland’s literary heritage where one could discover troves of literary works from talented poets and authors.

The city is also renowned for its otherworldly sight, the Northern Lights. If you want an unforgettable experience for your honeymoon, we recommend couples to join a guided tour to experience the Northern lights during the winter months, usually from September to April. 

Apart from the fact that you get all your questions about the spectacular natural phenomenon answered by experts, you’ll also be enthralled by fascinating insights into the legends and myths associated with it. 

Deciding where to go for dinner in Reykjavik is almost a challenge, simply because of the number of varied restaurants. The city offers a great variety of local cuisine (is home to some of the freshest, most succulent seafood delicacies in the world), as well as Asian and South European food.  

Keen to experience the Icelandic nightlife? With over 50 clubs, pubs and bars lining the main street (Laugavegur) and nearby proximity, it can be a daunting task on where to start. 

It’s also interesting to note that many nightspots in the city could be a restaurant during the day, and transform into a bar come night.

From enjoying a cup of coffee and a buttery croissant in one of the Parisian bakeries, to riding the slopes in Austria or lying in the sun on one of Greece’s red sand beaches, Europe is a tourist paradise, offering countless unforgettable experiences. 

So whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or spectacular views, Europe offers many exotic places of interests for your honeymoon destination.


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