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Scandinavian Interior Design and Why Do Singapore Homeowners Love it?

If you’re looking for a decorating style for your home that is simple yet relaxing and functional, then it’s time to take a look at Scandinavian Interior Design.

Originally introduced in Northern Europe (or Nordic region as some may know it) in the 1950s, this revolutionary interior design has now become popular worldwide and locally, especially with the rise of well-known design companies like IKEA and H&M.

Today, it becomes the choice of many homeowners in Singapore who want to revamp their homes or spruce up their newly purchased space. 

But what is Scandinavian style, and why did it become one of the most followed home designs today?

What is Scandinavian Style?

Image & Design by Dots N Tots Interior Group Pte Ltd

Simplicity with function – this is what Scandinavian interior design is all about.

The development of this design stemmed in earlier times, when survival in the North required products to be functional rather than aesthetically pleasing.

Most people in the North lived in small, dark homes, so it was imperative for them to make their homes look spacious, feel cozy, and well-illuminated. They used natural materials with simplistic shapes to make this happen.

And since countries in Scandinavia, including Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, are exposed to harsh climates, Scandinavians developed a deep appreciation and respect for nature.

This results to the efficient use of natural resources, such as wood, wool, metals, and leather in their designs.

Scandinavian interior design style has been a hot trend in this modern time because it’s simple, comfortable, and attractive. The world is now filled with too many stressful things, so people crave for a place where they can relax, find peace, and experience fulfillment.

The best thing about Scandinavian style is that it doesn’t force you to make major arrangement when you need to change or update your interior.

In addition, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your home feel good and inviting. Scandinavian style uses materials that are natural, organic, and very affordable.

Creating a Scandinavian Interior

Image & Design by Ritchie Creative Design

According to Staffan Tollgard, an award-winning architectural interior designer, Scandinavian style isn’t just one style. It’s has been around for over 50 years; thus, it has evolved with many ideas and styles to choose from.

However, there are key principles to creating the best Scandinavian interior design style, and these include the following:

Minimal accessories. Simplicity is the heart of Scandinavian style. Adding too many colors and decorations breaks one of the most important rules of the design.

So if you want to go Scandinavian, DE-CLUTTER – that’s the number one rule. Forget about those amazing sculptures, big curtains, and any unnecessary decorations, and your home will look more beautiful and comfortable.

If you need to add some wall decors, stick with objects that depict Norwegian scenes, such as beautiful photos of animals and landscapes, or paintings with pale colors. Some simple flowers and organic motifs can add elegance to your Scandinavian-designed space.

Image & Design by Dots N Tots Interior Group Pte Ltd

Neutral colors. When talking about Scandinavian style, colors play a major role. The use of white is mainly common, since it’s simple and makes your home feel larger and bright. But keep in mind that white is not just white.

Try different white balances to add texture and interest to your interior. Other neutral colors, such as grey and black also make your space truly Scandinavian.

And if you want to add more freshness and vibrancy, you can add some splash of cool colors, such as blue, red, yellow, and green – but don’t go overboard.

Image & Design by Ascenders Design Studio LLP

Natural elements. One of the basic rules of Scandinavian style is to “keep things naturally”. Scandinavians cherish the nature and outdoors, so they take every opportunity available to live the lifestyle that they enjoy the most. Wood is predominant to any Scandinavian interior.

It’s a perfect way to bring the nature inside, so opt for hardwood flooring and furniture that are made of this material. Potted plants and floral embellishments are also great to bring nature inside your space.

When it comes to windows, try to keep window treatments as minimal as possible to let natural light in.

Functional design. Another key component of Scandinavian style is its functionality. The design was developed with the goal to improve daily living.

With this in mind, it’s best to use furniture that are simple with minimal accessories. This is particularly important for homes with small spaces.

In Scandinavian interiors, the goal is to also make your space livable and workable. So only invest on things that are necessary, including chairs, tables, and shelves. Remove or move anything that blocks your path.