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Keep Calm and Choose the Right Renovation Package

Being in an urban area where redesigning, renovating and remodeling packages are gaining grounds, picking the right one frequently proves to be baffling.

As you searched carefully for an ultimate home renovation package, you found hundreds along with thousands of renovation packages in Singapore that sometimes choosing the right one is simply by no means a simple task. The renovation packages found here are arguably wide, yet it is only upon closer scrutiny and inspection that you found their distinctive characteristics. 

Here, one particular homeowner whose enormous project is under way, believes that little things like where her contractor quarries his stones, his concrete formulation and the techniques he uses may give her a glimpse into the whole construction process.

“I’m certainly not a smart person, but no detail is too insignificant to me when it comes to home improvement project like this. True enough, I’m enjoying what I think is the right package for me and my family right now.”

That’s something to be proud about! Yet good buys are hard to come by these days. So a convenient rule of thumb for first time homeowners and frequent home improvement lovers is to ensure that your renovation package gives you added value along with the right renovation contractor, the right materials and the right skills.

For some of you who are making some really big decisions for your home, head to an untamed shore away from the hustle and bustle of the city, chill out a little before you read the following useful guidelines to help you make that big decision in your life. 

All Good Renovation Packages Will Tell You the Truth

A correct as well as a timely renovation depends largely on a good package that consists of not merely simple descriptions of work to be done, but specific particulars just like parts and pricing, types of materials used, labor cost and time estimates.

Before making a decision, ask yourself this, “Simply how much is the renovation package willing to reveal with regard to the elements mentioned?” If you’re struggling with the answer and you find that you have to talk yourself into signing up the package, it is usually a bad decision. 

If a renovation package can’t even give you at least three things in detailed estimates, then the very least you could do is to opt for another package, really. Increasingly, more Singaporeans are looking straight into renovation packages that even the gray areas of the pricing are detailed to avoid home-renovation scams.

They also leap at the chance to know better about the contractor’s workmanship and types of materials to be used in the project. That’s not forgetting the quantity of materials to be used, plus a further breakdown of all the renovation works. That almost leaves the contractor with no room to play!

If you have any major changes you want to make prior to the home renovation project, it’s not unreasonable to get the contractor to get the new changes amended in the sales quotation. After all, verbal contracts are worthless in courts should things go terribly wrong. 

Basic Vs Exclusive – Which Is Better For You? 

Most renovation packages focus on the basic things that do not help your property look exclusive. These include giving the walls fresh paint inside out, upgrading the gutters and downspouts, installing tiles that are right on trend and other common-sense items you expect to find in your home.

While these packages may not add a considerable amount of wide appeal, they will help bring your home up to the level above the “standard-look”. In terms of renovation cost, these packages are more affordable and sell faster than the others. 

Exclusive renovation packages, on the other hand, are arguably smarter, costlier, more elaborate and more distinct in designs and finishings. In most areas of your home, these include complex processes like installing a sophisticated kitchen, flooring remodeling or adding new space within the home.

These renovation packages, of course, create a concept that is suave, glamorous and lavish into your standard abode. Signing up such packages are likely to result in a significantly exclusive finishings but do expect to pay a premium when you are ready to renovate. 

Good Renovation Packages Are Designed By Reputed Contractors

Finding the right renovation package is just one part of a complex task in which Singapore homeowners find themselves caught in. Then there’s the other end of the realm – choosing the right “man” for the job. It’s been a privilege getting to know my interior design company who gets the work done professionally through the entire project.

Since I didn’t require an exclusive home renovation package - and since I was running on a shoestring budget – he was kind enough to propose something basic and he stuck to his word. And eventually, I was able to choose what would best work out for me. 

I realized from the way he conducts himself, his business practices and the ways he handles complaints - all almost seem to fall into two neat categories “professional” and “dependable”. Surely, this isn’t something to check off your list before you enter into a contract, however, a reputed contractor with a good conscience will make your renovation experience a much more pleasant one, from the idea phase to the finished product. 

That being said, I feel I would be doing you an incredible injustice to not get you acquainted with the five basic things a reputed contractor should have or possess:

•    He knows his trade to a thorough degree.
•    He communicates with you as clearly as possible.
•    He provides past references (e.g. names, contact details, etc) for the quality of his work
•    He asks about your budget beforehand.
•    He asks for style advice, as he goes along.

So good luck and good hunting!

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