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Creating a Modern Retro Style Interior Space

There is no doubt that retro trends are back again. Whether it’s in fashion, music, and home décor, many people are again opting for those old-fashioned and classic favorites.

That’s the beauty of retro – it’s timeless and never grows old. But today, they’re back in a big way! This is particularly true in the world of interior design. Despite the existence of many newly improved interior styles out there, many people still choose to look back in time and relive the past.
However, while retro interior design is a growing trend, you definitely don’t want to live in a home that looks outdated. If you want to decorate your home with a retro-classic style without sacrificing modern functionality, then a modern retro style interior design is for you! 

Here are a few ways to help you get that look in your own space.

Use the Right Furniture 

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When it comes to designing a modern retro style home, the furnishings are one of the most important. You may think you can’t go wrong with the furniture as long as it looks old and retro, but think again. 

Not all retro-looking furnishings work well with modern retro-designed homes. There are many furniture stores and thrift shops out there, which carry modern furniture lines that create a nostalgic atmosphere. 

You can check these shops and find the items that will be well suited to your space. If budget is an issue, you can also update your old furnishings and give them a modern look by repainting and reupholstering them.

Accent with Bold Hues 

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Bold and vibrant colors are what make a home truly retro, so don’t be afraid to use vivid flashes of bold colors in your interior design.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to go overboard. If you enjoy vibrant colors, you can use them on your walls with paints, wallpapers, and work of arts. 

You can also add patterned carpets and colorful cushions. But try to keep the patterns and hues limited as possible. Too many colors can make your home uninviting and cluttered.

To achieve the perfect balance, keep your furniture, flooring, and other accessories in neutral, muted tones.

Shapes and Sizes 

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Simple curves and lines are typical for the modern retro style, so opt for pieces that have curved edges and linear elements. Leave any intricate items and detailed furnishings for other interior styles such as a minimalist home

In addition, remove big and too bulky furnishings – even if they technically fit in the room. They do not only take up significant amount of space, but also take the attention away from the most important pieces in your modern retro-designed space.

Decorate with Retro Accessories 

Accessorize your space with classic accessories to achieve the retro-inspired home that you desire. You can put bright-colored artifacts in the corner, hang some vintage metal tins, or arrange abstract pieces on your walls. 

While putting accessories is great, it’s also important to limit what goes on display. Sometimes, it can really be tempting to decorate your rooms with tons of accessories with the thought that it can make the place more comfortable and interesting.

But most often, the result is complete opposite.

Illuminate in Style 

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Lighting is an integral part of a retro style home. If you really want to bring the best possible retro feel to your home, you should pick the right lighting for the style and put them in most ideal location. 

Look for lamps in bright hues and can match the colors of your walls and furniture. You would also want to add some wall lights that coordinate to the look of your interior to get extra warmth and illumination.

If you want some touch of sophistication, you can also install chandeliers or pendant lights that feature both retro and modern feel.