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Questions To Ask While Shopping For Your Air Conditioner

In Singapore, high heat and humidity combined with the bright sunshine can produce a very uncomfortable indoor environment.

By installing a good quality air conditioner system, you can lower both heat and humidity to provide comfort to the occupants of a home or office.

While you are shopping for one, you will also notice there are many options available, from room air conditioners, air conditioners systems to even portable models. The most suitable unit will depend upon your individual needs and circumstances, so it is worthwhile taking the time to evaluate your requirements. 

When you are out shopping for a new air conditioner, first consider these factors:

•    How important is energy efficiency to you?

•    Do you wish to cool the entire house or just one or two rooms?

•    Are you currently renting your home? Do you plan to move out shortly? 

The 3 Step Evaluation Process

Step 1: Why Do I Need a New Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning costs can amount to more than 50% of your regular monthly electric bill in the hot months. So, before you step out to buy a new air conditioner consider these questions about your existing unit:

  1. Are you spending a lot of time/money on repairing the existing unit?
  2. Does the existing unit have a major component failure?
  3. Is your electric bill high all the time?
  4. Do you feel the existing unit is over working to keep your house cool?

If your existing air conditioner is more than 10 years old, or you have answered yes to most of these questions, then you might benefit from buying a new air conditioner.

Provided you buy one wisely and spend a lot of time evaluating all factors, you could actually start seeing some reduction in the monthly electric bills.

Step 2: What Are My Options?

During your interaction with the sales person, you should ask questions related to:

System type - What system type does it use? straight cool or heat pump?

Efficiency - What energy rating should you look for?

Size - Size of the AC depends on the area it has to cool. In short, get an estimate of the heat load calculations to determine the size of the unit.

Rebates - Do you get any rebates for choosing greener units?

Warranty - How long are the parts and labour covered for?

Price - What does the package come with? If you need some changes to the existing ducts, will that be charged separately?

Extras such as preventive maintenance - Is this covered with what I am paying for now or are they additional? 

Step 3: What System Suits My Property?

It is important to find a system that will meet your requirements. Here are some common types of systems to consider:

Straight cool system - This is an air-conditioning system that includes cooling equipment only. It also has a gas/electric/oil strip heater inside it.

Heat pump mechanism - This type of A/C includes cooling and heating equipment. It is more efficient compared to the straight cool system but it costs slightly more than that.