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What You Should Know About Modern Home Designs

So you decided that you’re going to take on the leap of confidence and design your next home? Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry because you have garnered our respect for choosing the path less travelled!

It’s no surprise that you already have a picture in your head of just what your next “Dream Home” would look like, and you want to make it look totally cool in a chic and inviting way, so why not consider a Modern Home Design theme for your space and work with your interior designer then?

The Modern Home Design is a collective synergy of what is sleek and simple as the underlying core. The look is modern with a fusion mix of basic geometric shapes and functional, clean, angular or curved lines for furniture, architecture while holding the entire interior space together.

It is also a fabulous choice for a wide range of homes (apartment or semi-detached) because it creates the illusion of open space, thus making many homeowners fall in love with this type of interior design concept. It is also a trend these days as it appeals to the stylish palate of many young or affluent homeowners.

Colour Matters in Modern Home Designs

Your choice of colours has an overall impact on your space. Many modern designers use solid colours such as black, white, and neutrals with vibrant primary colours. If you are already planning to set the tone for your interior, it’s important not to use too many different colours as it will upset the balance of the intended modern look.

You should also note that colours such as white, cream and beige are staples of a modern room design. Neutral colours give a cosy and relieving feel to its occupants and make it easier for focal artwork and furniture to stand out as well.

Beige and white tones in the house interior are a perfect match with abundant use of wooden grain in your furniture. With this unique combination, you create a sense of modernity that is totally felt in the house interior.

You may also want to keep floors neutral and nondescript. If you are an adventurous home owner, consider an ultra-modern look by experimenting with bare concrete floors.

As with the living room’s walls, a neutral-coloured floor helps take focus off the surface, allowing key furniture, artwork or accessories to capture attention. If you plan on using carpeting, make sure carpets are not intense or bright colours.

Lines and Shapes in Modern Home Designs

Key furniture pieces should be symmetrically shaped. Though the shape of a modern sofa is minimalistic and rigid-looking, they are actually comfortable and functional.

Additionally, you can use throw pillows to add pops of colour and occasional asymmetry. You might also consider placing coffee tables with straight lines and strong geometric shapes to add interest.

Furniture & Décor for Modern Home Designs

If you want the furniture pieces to be a focal point, explore darker colours where they deliver a stark contrast to the white or beige walls. Alternatively, have lighter coloured pieces if you plan on using artwork as the room’s primary focal point.

Artworks have a special way of personalizing space with your own unique sense of style. Decorating your space with artwork emphasizes a dynamic, personalized colour palette. It also portrays you as a tasteful connoisseur.

You could cleverly use artwork ranging from multi-coloured abstract to monochromatic minimalist artwork as it offers a number of interesting styles, allowing you to get creative with your favourite colours and shapes.

Lighting Up in Modern Home Designs

Light up your living room with recessed ceiling lights, thin-based floor lamps or small sconces. Similar to walls and flooring, lighting should not be your living room’s main point of interest.

What you want to achieve is to have your guests notice the interesting wall art or the geometrical lines of furniture pieces. The lighting should be subtle and relatively small. Large hanging lights such as chandeliers have no place in modern designs.

Accessorizing The Modern Home Design Space

Rooms in modern home designs are supposed to be minimalistic, but you don’t want it to appear completely barren, consider complementing space by scattering a few small glass or chrome accessories across the room will help the area feel more warm and inviting.

On the contrary, if you prefer to induce a sense of fun and cheekiness, you could try odd-shaped accessories with dynamic pops of colour for visual interest.