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What Are The 5 Most Romantic Bedroom Themes for Couples?

If you’ve been wondering about injecting the right mood into your bedroom design, we probably should just let you find out on your own. Except that when it comes to a decorator’s tool kit, accessories such as lamps, wall art, chandeliers and brass kettles can all work with different furniture pieces to raise a room’s energy and excitement level. They will likely bring out the unwinding and uplifting moods you are striving to create in your bedroom, and hit you like a hurricane (in a good way that is) when you step into the room.

This is also why decorating experts employ endless combinations to attain that creative atmosphere in sleeping spaces today. First off, they take into account a certain bedroom style and correlating it to the appropriate accessories and furnishings to get the best theme. It seems that certain themes tend to give the room a more intimate appearance, while others are shown to raise blood pressure, respiration speed and heart rate!

Even though they are all advantageously inspiring, we noticed some themes that are worth bringing up constantly. We ranked the five most popular bedroom themes for couples and how these fabulous themes can take basic, bland bedrooms and revive them as havens filled with personality, style and comfort for couples!

Cross Cultural

5 Most Popular Bedroom Themes for Couples - Cross Culture 2

Take a modern bedroom. And take our rich cultural decorations. Fuse the two together, and you could be in for something really special. Today, our customary sense comes back to the forefront embracing a new eclectic mix.

From California tiles to Brazilian rugs to Indian peacock feathers, people are infusing a dash of cross-cultural ethnic flair into their sleepy spaces. For successful cross-cultural designs, it helps to have a cultural sense of decorating and updates about their modern inflections.

Theme colour: Choose lively and vibrant colours such as lime, red or purple for the interior. There is something refreshing about these colours and they look great contrasted with traditional or ethnic furnishings, providing a feeling of dynamism and energy. Radiant orchard is an acceptable alternative, so long as the colour energizes the interior and has your room brought to life.

A Heritage of Old and New

5 Most Popular Bedroom Themes for Couples - Old and New

Old designer pieces in the modern bedrooms can be a beautiful marriage of styles. Whether you are merging traditional-looking décor, or introducing updated versions of traditional forms, be confident of the look you are going for.

Things that signal cultural heritage show that you’ve got your roots in place, and will always look good against enlivened, modern bedroom furnishings. Go for décor items made of muted copper, brass or bronze to represent this theme.

You could also reinforce the theme along with items such as dated wooden oriental furnishings which stands out for its refined one-of-a-kind look. Other additions like the bronze ceiling lamp and wooden chest throw in an antique yet representatively unique style that most bedrooms tend to fall back on.

Theme colour: Choose colours ranging from blue to green to white for the interior. These shades have a calming effect – they will not only please your mental faculties, they’re easy to combine with old and new designer pieces.

A Modern Exotic Mix

5 Most Popular Bedroom Themes for Couples - Modern Exotic Mix

This theme revolves around an ‘exotic affair’ from a modern scheme. In a modern scheme, however, how you balance between achieving a contemporary setup and making it reflective of your theme is always a challenging one. A smart way to do this is to mix in elements of contrastingly different materials like glass against a steel setup, or gold-coloured adornments against the non-sparkly setup.

This passionate mix is also where your décor will appear ever more striking than any other bedrooms. Remember though, the key in achieving this theme is to exercise restraint – so steer clear of anything too heavily ornate or overly decorated. Less is usually more!

Theme colour: Choose strong and bold colours such as watermelon red and forest green for the interior. The trick with working with these colours is you don’t need to commit to painting all the walls. Just add a few splashes of the shades where desirable. Strong colours are stimulating and will effortlessly create a certain mood for your bedroom, particularly at night.

Artsy Inspiration

5 Most Popular Bedroom Themes for Couples - Artsy Bedroom 2

If you are an art lover, take the opportunity to dot your bedroom with artsy inspiration here and there. As bedroom design moves towards a more stylistic look, arts are becoming less fashionable. But it comes back this year with a twist, raising trends of employing oil canvas painting, sandstone wall decoration and stone sculpture in bedrooms once again.

And in this respect, arts really mediate problems like boring shades and understated styles. Regardless of whether your arts lean towards a contemporary, classic, cultural or eclectic style, their versatility means that they can look just as fine as other bedroom decorations.

Theme colour: Choose warm colours like red, orange and yellow for the interior. These colours can blend beautifully with wall arts and paintings, creating a theatrical backdrop for your favourite pieces. Add some plants and greenery to add an extra warm and inviting atmosphere.

Return to Splendour

5 Most Popular Bedroom Themes for Couples - Return to Splendour 2
Source: kumfree

Without doubt, something about this theme packs a punch. It’s magnificent. It’s glamorous. It’s immaculate. It has got all the elements from a film set and the theme is nothing short of sleek elegance. The theme refers to the fact that it takes on a perfect decorating style pointing towards the new surge in maximalist design.

Sleep in comfort in an interior boasting crystal chandeliers, gold candelabra, glass-based table lamps, shiny leather furniture and dramatic print wallpaper. Together with the rest of the precious objects, this is one bedroom that would make you not one bit apologetic about the décor until dawn.

Theme colour: Choose classy colours ranging from grey to taupe to cream for the interior. Cream, cream, cream. It’s difficult to go wrong with cream. You can literally wake up the most boring bedroom giving the room a happy classy feel. They also set gold and crystal adornments off.

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