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The Beauty of a Modern-Retro Design Home

Caught in time between contemporary and classic elegance, the Modern-Retro design theme can be unusually compelling in a local home these days. For Serene Ho, it is undoubtedly the go-to style because of its stylish execution and vintage aesthetics for her 3-bedroom condominium unit located at Pasir Ris Grove.

Despite Serene’s meeting with several firms, it was Miss Emun Yen’s (Principal Interior Designer) design proposal from i-Bridge Design Pte Ltd that made her the perfect winner to create the alluring dream abode.

With an established reputation over a decade and numerous esteemed awards under their belt, the interior design & renovation firm is a familiar face in the industry. In fact, it is the firm’s commitment to exceed the expectations of every client that has led to their outstanding success.

Remembering The Good Old Days

Reminiscing her youthful days and wanting to pay homage to the iconic decade of the 70’s, the client decided that a fun and colourful flair would complement her family’s lifestyle perfectly.

She asked for a flamboyant-looking bar counter with pops of vivid colours encompassed with a modern twist. Additionally, she also wanted a distinctively eye-catching display cabinet (complete with neatly flushed stowage compartments) as a focal point next to the family’s dining area.


Creativity Beckons

Setting off to work, the team first infused elements of retro-futurism into the bar counter. Intriguingly angled and draped in glossy black and matt yellow laminates, Emun reinforced the design theme by furnishing it with bold-coloured bar stools and various shades of dark mosaic tiles as a contrasting backdrop.

Taking centre stage, the yellow/ orange combination of high-back chairs and cushion bench against a fabricated wall sets the mood of the retro decades, while ingeniously evoking a modern vibe for the dining area.


Making The Details Count

The team spent a fair bit of time working on the display cabinet next because they wanted to create a talking-piece for visitors. Due to its complexity, they had to pay careful attention to the structural dimensions which called for extreme precision and meticulous fabrication.

Additionally, large recesses within the cabinetry aptly serve as accessible nooks for the homeowner to exhibit her prized ornamental pieces.


Understanding The Client’s Needs

Mindful that the client is an avid art enthusiast, the team also sought to prominently showcase several of her cross-stich works and oil painting collections at different locations of her home. Hence, provisions were made to do just that.


Working as a chef, Serene’s son usually cooks for the family during his off days. To ward off cooking fumes, the original kitchen walls were demolished and a glass divider was built to enclose the kitchen area. The see through glass divider makes the enclosure barely noticeable and also allows natural light to filter through effortlessly.

Taking into consideration his culinary needs, the team designed and constructed a modern kitchen clad in crisp solid white laminate cabinetry, outfitted with solid surface worktops. Major kitchen appliances were then placed flushed within the kitchen cabinetry to bring out a larger sense of space.


Psychedelic Chic

Due to floor space limitations, a common room was designated for entertainment and interacting activities instead. Furnished with a surround sound system and 70-inch flat screen TV, the room’s interior speaks volumes with a modern-retro theme as prints and patterns of the psychedelic 70’s are utilized as a focal.


A Tale of 2 Sanctuaries

As one enters the master bedroom, the designer constructed a welcoming retreat for Serene, boasting accents of pink and a full height wallpaper depicting a breath-taking panorama of the Austrian Alps. Now imagine waking up to this every morning!

For a modern take, her son’s bedroom is punctuated with intentionally matching shades of grey, cleverly planned fixtures and cabinets, thus exuding a cool and vibrant vibe.



Project Details

Location – Pasir Ris Grove
Property Type – New condominium unit with 3-bedrooms.
Floor Area – Approximately 129 sqm.
Project Cost – $90k.
Client – Madam Serene Ho.

About The Company

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i-Bridge Design Pte Ltd is an established interior design since year 2005. With a staff strength of 30, we provide premium interior design consultancy services for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional developments and among others in the architecture or renovation industry.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding end product results, enhancing greater value to be delivered at surprising level, and nurturing a personalized customer relationship in between.

Our associates are distinguished by their expertise to develop a portfolio of inspiring designs combined with possessing formal skills and knowledge, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most desired and professional outcome.

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