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The Absurdly Low Singapore Wedding Budget

So recently on Sunday, my boyfriend and I were griping about the astronomical costs of getting married in Singapore. It all started when we were ‘evaluating’ the wedding banquet both of us attended the evening before.

It was my distant cousin’s wedding and was held at a popular five-star hotel right in the heart of town. Both families of the couple was adamant on making it a lavish affair, and we counted a total of 26 tables in all.

Now, that would probably give you an idea the amount of money splurged on the event.

And then we went on to argue if it’s even possible to have an absurdly low Singapore wedding budget in today’s context.

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Out of curiosity, and wanting to have a better feel of how much we’d have to prepare when our big day arrives, we decided to try Googling for things like wedding dinner, wedding banquet package and wedding reception venues in Singapore.

The first result that appeared on my laptop’s screen was ‘Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant’ with their ‘Happiness Meal’ starting at $888 for a table of 10 persons. We looked at each other and went like, OKAY…

At the current rate that we are saving up, it’s going to take us at least another year before we could afford 20 tables, excluding all other expenses for our wedding day.

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Candidly, it felt pretty much like a nominal attempt at making me feel better about being ripped off.  I don’t know about others but to me, money shouldn’t really have to be a barrier for tying the knot with someone you love.

I can deal with the whole BTO affair and high costs of living as due recompense for Singapore’s high standard of living, but eight hundred and eighty eight dollars for one table?

To my dismay, my parents obviously didn’t share the same sentiments.

“Girl ah, it’s like that one in Singapore, what you expect?”

No it isn’t just like that, it is like that because society deems it so.

And this is why my boyfriend are going to overturn societal conventions, break traditions and start a wedding revolution! (Okay, it’s not as serious as it sounds)

The Wedding Venue

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The rental for a function room at the condominium where I stay is only $12.78, excluding a refundable $50 deposit. This include the use of chairs, tables and air-con! It even has two little rooms at the side that could double up as powder rooms for me and my girls. Sounds like a game plan.

I tried to imagine myself walking down a stretch of red carpet (littered with pink rose petals) in my wedding dress – with the “Wedding March” airing from a pair of wonky portable speakers.

As we pass uncle Muthu’s mini-mart, the girls would pelt us with even more rose petals, and then finally arriving at the function room area packed with excited guests vying to catch a glimpse of me and the groom.

If you close your eyes and/or imbibe some hallucinogenic substances, you could almost imagine the scene!

I’m sure I can get a cheap red carpet from somewhere – the Salvation Army thrift store is just down the road!

Cost: Below $50

The Wedding Dress

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Here’s a picture of me trying on wedding gowns from the Salvation Army thrift store. It actually looks quite decent, doesn’t it? Except for some bouffant ones that made me look like a meringue past its sell-by date.

They were mostly under 200 dollars, so let’s set the price of the gown at $150.

Cost: $150

The Wedding Props & Decoration

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Have you ever heard of this lovely thing called “FREE Printables”?

They’re all the rage amongst DIY and crafting blogs now. Littlegoldpixel and welivedhappilyeverafter are some of my favourites.

My plan would be to print photo-booth props, the usual floral bunting and all the mainstream overpriced décor from these blogs, at a fraction of the cost.

If I am really really desperate, I’ll slip under the radar and discreetly make use of the colour printer in my office. Shhh…

Cost: $0

The Wedding Banquet

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What kind of party doesn’t require you to pay for food? P-O-T-L-U-C-K.

We’ll tell everyone coming to our wedding to do away with the ‘Ang-Pows’ (Red Packets) but, they’ll have to bring cooked food with them instead.

Alternatively, it’ll be interesting to order in ‘Tze Char’ for our guests. I’m sure we agree that ‘Ha Jeong Gai’ (Fried Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings), Fried Yam Ring and Stir Fry Kailan beats catered food any day.

If that’s not enough, there are barbecue pits located conveniently beside the function room, so we could start a fire for BBQ wings or Satay – in case there aren’t enough food to go around. Well, I could always arrow my 2 younger siblings to be the resident chefs.

Oh, and my boyfriend has also heartily asserted that his parents won’t be turning up if we go ahead with this.

Cost: Potentially $0. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from our wedding guests.

The Wedding Photography

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Find a photographer friend, invite him/her to your wedding and shamelessly say “Aiya, no need for a wedding gift or ang pow! Just help me take pictures on that day can already.”

Honestly, I don’t need a Precious Moments figurine or another wedding photo frame. By rendering a service, it’s something I could actually use, appreciate and save money!

Cost: Z-E-R-O!

The Wedding Ang Pow aka Red Bomb

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Of course need to give Ang Pow, you think free meh? I’m actually pretty confident of earning a few hundred dollars. The maximum capacity should be around 50 guests, so if each provides a measly $10, that’ll still be $500!

Amount collected: $500

I’m not trying to incite some sort of cultural upheaval or revolution.  My boyfriend and I are ultimately just penny pinchers at heart who’d rather spend on something enjoyable.

It’s oft said that weddings are meant for the guests rather than the couple themselves.

And if your guests are made up of friends and family who love you and want the best for you, I’m sure they won’t mind bringing an extra serving of pudding or shepherd’s pie for the potluck.

So, what do you think of my plan?

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