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Stop Planning Your Own Wedding

Many couples who are planning for their wedding might be feeling the pinch these days. That’s because the amount of money one has to spend on a wedding is no small sum, given the expectations in today’s society.

Although it’s still possible for a couple to save some money by taking on certain tasks for their wedding, it’s impractical to handle everything by themselves. Not to mention, the agony of keeping tabs on things and to make sure they unfold like clock-work leading up to the day itself.

The fact is that at a certain point, the both of you needs to stop acting as organisers for your own wedding, and start taking on roles as the bride and groom.

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You’ll have to stop worrying about the small stuff, (years later you’ll both agree that it was all ‘small stuff’), put your head in the moment, and to simply appreciate the day and the commitment you’re about to make to each other as husband and wife.

You certainly don’t want your kids looking up at you years from now and asking what you were thinking on your wedding day, only to have to admit that you were wondering why the valet service was so slow.

Your wedding day is absolutely the worst day to embark on a temporary career as a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator. If you do, you’ll be sorry you did, and you’ll be left with less than wonderful memories for the most important moment of your life.

Don’t Ruin Your Friendships

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If at this point, you’re thinking it would be a good idea to get your best friend(s) involved in the planning and organisation of your wedding, you should seriously think again. This is generally an all-round bad idea. Seriously.

Here’s where you should take a step back, try to look at things from another perspective and anticipate the possible negative consequences.

Say you went ahead and plan out the wedding with your best friend or friends, and then you dutifully turned the reins over to them as your wedding day came closer.

Thinking all is fine, you leave them to comfortably be in-charge of the arrangements. You assume they’ll know what to do and will take care of your guests or itinerary, and be able to deal with all the nitty-gritty details surrounding your wedding.

Then, the florist notifies them that they can’t get the exact shade of roses that you ordered, or the sky suddenly turns dark at your outdoor wedding reception venue, or that problematic valet service isn’t answering their phone and emails.

Your friend(s), while handling their own career during the day, must first call you repeatedly to ask how they should handle each of these mini-crises, and then go through your prescribed steps to solve the problems.

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You start to get a bit frantic and worry about your wedding plans, and you’re getting visibly irritated by their ‘constant’ calls to ask for instructions. They on the other hand, are starting to think that they may have been coerced into something that they really didn’t want to be involved in, or responsible for.

This situation isn’t doing your wedding or your friendship any good, and it would be a bittersweet wedding day if it caused you to lose one or more of your best friends.

The simple truth is that your friends shouldn’t be expected to handle these sort of things. And, it’s selfish of you to impose on them, knowing they’d feel like they’d have to accept. It may seem like a great idea in the beginning, but with a little perspective, the holes in this type of arrangement will become apparent.

In short, it’s the perfect recipe for a disaster waiting to happen.

Hire a Wedding Planner in Singapore

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Your wedding should be organised by you and a wedding planner in Singapore, one who has experience as an onsite coordinator on the day of your wedding. Make this a priority on your list of must-do’s and set aside a budget for the wedding before anything else.

In using a professional, you steer clear of any nightmarish scenarios, because an experienced wedding planner would have alternate florists that he/she could source the roses from, or a plan B for emergencies that could move the wedding reception indoors within a short time, and they simply would have known who to hire as a reliable valet for parking services.

A professional would harness the know-how and resources to deal with problems that could occur during the course of wedding planning. This, in part, is what they’re getting paid for. It’s also what makes them who they are, and the good ones are valuable to have on the job.

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Even if an issue do arise on your wedding day, they are problems for the wedding planner or onsite coordinator to solve, not the bride and groom.

An experienced wedding planner will not bother their clients with anything less than the prospect of an imminent tsunami. One of the main reasons for their position is to provide a buffer between the wedding event, and all of the little hum-drum problems that seem to crop up at the worst time.

They’re psychologists and drill sergeants, whip-crackers and hand-holders. It takes a certain kind of personality to do the job they do and continue to smile. But, that is exactly why you hire them. They are there to ensure the memories that you take away from your wedding day are happy ones.

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