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How Do Infographics Help Homeowners?

If you’re new to the term “Infographics”, you are missing out some really cool stuff. In short, an Infographic is an efficient way of putting together text, images and compelling designs, making complex data easily understood by everyone in a visual format.

You realize we are now living in an extremely exciting era, where data are moulding the way we process information and make decisions. You might call it a revolution, or maybe a remaking, but either way, it’s changing how you and I take in data and interpret them in visual shorthand.

So by now you might be asking, what have infographics got to do with the subject of home & décor? Firstly, I am a sucker for great infographics. Secondly, it make unfamiliar subjects a lot more interesting to read than bullet points, and lastly, it’s very useful when I’m trying to digest information and apply them to things such as creating positive Fengshui in my home planning, a makeover or ways to cut my utility bills.

Alright, enough said! Let’s check out some of my favourite inforgraphics on home & décor below.

Get the most bang for your buck when planning your remodel. Courtesy of Credit Sesame.


Create a positive atmosphere in your home with the five elements of Feng Shui. Courtesy of Urbanara.
A guide to the seven elements of design. Courtesy of Paper Leaf.

A simple guide to lighting every room in your house. Courtesy of CB Furnishings.

Energy Infographic

Reduce your next energy bill by adjusting your thermostat. via Nest.