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Create Your Five-Star Bathroom in 7 Steps

Did you stay in a plush hotel recently with a bathroom design that was serene and personal, good lighting, clean lines and glimmering marble surface? It’s stunningly pleasant with a generous flow of light, air and space, a hanging bathroom counter and gold soaking tub that offered the utmost comfort to your visual and tactile senses.

Now you’re probably thinking about how you can create a five-star bathroom like that?

Okay, we know, you are not just serious about wanting to have all these indulgences, but you’re ready to blow thousands of dollars to successfully encapsulate that posh hotel essence into your humble bathroom.

Whatever it is, we’re going to show you just how you can create your five-star bathroom in 7 steps.

Here’s how.

1. Draw Inspiration From The Best

Master Bath
By Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Pte Ltd

The most meticulous homeowners usually have one thing in common – they draw inspirations from luxury hotel bathrooms. Whether you’re starting on a renovating job for your brand new bathroom or getting vexed at remodeling the existing one, it’s important to do a bit of research and explore.

You don’t get creative by staying within your comfort zone. And you won’t find success if your only sources of inspiration are just one or two decadently beautiful hotel bathrooms you recently visited.

If you’re ever feeling lazy, try browsing through an old magazine, talking to people or surfing the internet for celebrity’s bathrooms.

Personally, the one bathroom that I got most excited about is that of actor Ryan Philipe. Inspired from East Asian culture, it has a wall-mounted flat screen television, soaking tub and top-of-the-line showers.

The entire bathroom design has grass and cloth based wallpaper to offer the most gorgeous five-star interior.

2. Start Nice and Slow

203d compassvale bathroom 2
By JSR Design & Renovation Pte Ltd

Unless you’re an absolutely sophisticated person, it’s safer to start nice and slowly with the renovation or remodeling plan. Look at the fundamental things that are able to transform your bathroom. These are the basic sanitary fittings such as your wash basin, shower stall or toilet bowl.

How do you opt for these? The answer is obvious – choose fittings that embody the comfort, luxury and style of five-star hotel bathrooms.

After you have bought the necessary ones, you can now add other bathroom accessories. Items like shower curtains, towel hanger, toothbrush holder and soap dish are top priority as they never fail to provide the practicality favoured by most homeowners.

3. Erect a Wall To Separate The Toilet Bowl

By i-Bridge Design Pte Ltd

So why should you do this?

Well, if you do this it gives you an added sense of privacy as well as a luxurious spin to the room, but it comes with its own share of considerations.

Firstly, the bathroom should be sufficiently large enough to fulfill its purpose. And secondly, you might want to see if this directly affects the layout of the room because if it does, then your bathroom can look downright depressing.

If you have a spouse, the wall serves as a “Keep away” sign if you don’t enjoy accidentally expose yourself to your spouse during those desperate times.

4. Colour Scheme and Lighting

By Rhiss Interior Pte Ltd

An old saying goes: “A classic colour palette and flattering illumination create an understated elegance.” It seems so true.

Instead of overpowering your bathroom with a mix of strong hues, why not settle on a soothing colour scheme of earthy shades to set a classic and sophisticated tone.

To improve on the lighting, do incorporate spotlights to draw attention to focal points, cove lighting to cast a cosy glow and natural daylight to open up spaces.

Overall, put all these and a creative mind together and you’ll bestow your bathroom with a hotel-like grandeur.

5. Watch That Space!

Bathroom 2 Bright Hill
By Ritchie Creative Design

Singapore is a country starved for space, and its residential areas even more so. However, if you’re cracking your head because of this reason, it’s usually because you haven’t done the following.

Assess your lifestyle habits. If soaking in a bathtub is not your cup of tea, go for shower stalls. Try and plan for the shower area to be slightly lower than the rest of the bathroom. This ensures that water will not spill into other areas, and will keep the room dry.

Another way is to implement ingenious space-saving features into your bathroom. These lifesavers utilize the height of your bathroom and give you more storage space without taking up any floor space.

You could also consider installing a pedestal wash basin or a basin that’s cantilevered.

We are doubly sure there will always be space planning ideas to get the best out of your bathroom. Rather than cracking your head, execute these ideas.

6. Infuse Your Bathroom With Sweet Scents

By Crescendo ID Pte Ltd

If you love the emotional appeal and scent of a five-star bathroom, why not incorporate sweet scent elements into your own bathroom.

Aroma diffusers, scented candles, potpourri and regular air fresheners are paramount to replicating a five-star bathroom scent. Pick lavender or rosemary to inject an organic, soothing feel that will promote a sense of tranquility.

Elevate that idea and put in a few vases of flowers or potted plants to enliven the room. This is an extraneous one.

But no, I’m not asking you to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary with the panoramic view of the Attica landscape, just plenty of visual appeal you can enjoy in the area.

7. Stock Up Enough Toiletries

By Unimax Creative Pte Ltd

A hotel bathroom never seems to run out of toiletries. Similarly, when arranging your bathroom load up on soft toilet rolls, colourful bottles of soaps and shampoos. Here, it’s really the small things that make the difference.

They add a classy look and feel to the room, while strengthening its purpose and personality.

Most toiletries today come in sophisticated and elegant bottles and packages. And the best part is that you can get them at reasonable prices!

Invest in a wide-looking range for a truly plush feel, and go for a mismatched look by pairing different bottles in different hues!

Good luck with that five-star bathroom!