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Buy An Engagement Ring Under $1000

You’ve decided it’s the right time. You’re going to take your relationship to the next level – Getting Married, and you’re going to show her your love with an engagement ring. This sounds really awesome but wait, you realize it’s going to cost you 4 months of your pay check dude!

For many men, this will be your first time buying her THAT ring and boy oh boy, you are going on a fascinating journey of discovery in the world of exotic jewellery. Here are some helpful tips that can help you get a great ring for under $1,000!

First Establish Your Budget For The Engagement Ring

The very first thing you need to do – Decide your budget. It’s simple mathematics and it achieves two things, really. This is going to help the sales person show you jewellery pieces that you can afford, and secondly, not waste your time browsing at rings out of your reach.

If you could afford to blow ten thousand dollars on an elegant looking engagement ring for her,  that’s obviously very nice of you, and it would make her extremely happy. That’s usually the happy romantic moment we all dream of.

However, in reality not every guy has that sort of money. There’s nothing romantic about going into major debt. Most guys would have a budget to stick with, so just buy the best and nicest you can afford for your true love. After all, it’s the thought that matters most.

Most times, a beautiful engagement ring can be purchased for less than $1,000 at many mid-range jewellers by simply doing some smart shopping. If your budget permits, push it upwards to $1,500 and you’ll have more choices available.

Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to start saving up and set aside your budget for a decent engagement ring.

Does it Have to Be Diamond?

The answer is not exactly. If you want to propose, don’t delay because you can’t afford a better ring. It is supposed to be a symbol of your love, and a humble engagement ring can be a memory of that hard time when you two are young.

On the contrary, you want to make sure you’ll pick a ring that fits her unique style and preferences. So, put in plenty of effort and do your research. Making close observations on what sort of jewellery your girl usually wears will help.

Maybe she wears gold or silver mostly? Does she prefer simple jewellery pieces instead of glitzy ones? What’s her personality?

Although diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, today’s bride can wear an engagement ring with any type of stone with confidence and sophistication.

There are many different types of stones that will look just as nice if not better than a diamond. Commonly seen stones on rings include Aquamarine, Emerald, Sapphire, Zircon etc. If she’s a Ruby type of girl and find diamonds to be a bit boring, why not consider a a nicely cut Ruby ring?

In short, you are free to choose the type of engagement ring but make sure it suits her style.

Settle For Fewer Carats Stone

Fewer carats means lower price. In most cases, no one can even tell the difference between minor variations in the amount of carats unless you have a special magnifying glass that a jeweller would use.

Sometimes, jewellers put on sale diamond rings that have minor flaws at dramatically lower prices, without compromising the look of the stone too much.

If it’s meant to be a surprise for your girl, get a female sales person to put the ring onto her finger. This way, you could see much better how the ring looks and how it shines! No one needs to know the exact quality features of the ring and no one will know unless you tell them.

Skip Upmarket Jewellery Stores – They Can Be Very Pricey!

Usually these stores offer high-end exquisite rings that are very pricey, and they often don’t have a lot of selection available for the lower-priced engagement rings.

While it’s okay to pass through these stores to do some price comparison shopping, you’ll usually gasp when you see their prices!

You’re probably much better off looking at the mid-range jewellery stores to find better and a wider selection of beautiful lower-priced rings that will suit your budget.

Diamond Clusters vs. One Large Diamond

As a general rule of thumb, it’s cheaper to buy a cluster diamond ring than it is a Solitaire.

When you have 4 or 5 smaller diamonds on a ring, it can create an optical illusion to appear similar like a big mega Solitaire diamond ring that sells for $5000! If she likes the look of clusters, this could be the best way to go.

The Best Things Will Come Later

If you are feeling somewhat disappointed for not being able to afford a more expensive engagement ring for your love now, shrug it off and stay positive!

As both of you become more financially stable in the future, you can start saving up for a bigger and better ring. Just be sure to let your future spouse know that you would absolutely love to buy a larger diamond for her in the near future. And remember to keep your promise!

The ring is a symbol of the love and commitment that you are placing in your future spouse. It goes around the finger in an everlasting circle of love that never ends.

Remember, no matter how much money you have at hand to invest in a ring, you can symbolize your love with any engagement ring!