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Bridesmaids Dress Trends For 2016

You get that call from your BFF asking you to be her bridesmaid, and your immediate response is “of course!”

Okay girl, there’s definitely more to being a bridesmaid. It’s not only about you physically being there on the wedding day or to walk down the aisle with the bride.

Other than providing the much needed emotional support and helping out your best friend, it’s an unforgettable experience to know you’re an important role in those special moments.

On top of everything else, there is always the privilege of you looking gorgeous in that bridesmaid dress! Oh yes!


Looking at the upcoming bridesmaids dress trends for 2016, it seems very much that bridal fashion designers are putting emphasis on sensual and romantic dresses, showing off femininity for every bridesmaid-to-be in Singapore.

Notably, expect a good variety of bridesmaids wear in exquisite lace, tulle and satin, ranging from dark coloured shades to nude and pastel shades. There are also plenty of exceptional styles comprising of long column or mermaid gowns, tea-length and short dresses to fit every personality and body type.

Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids Collection Spring 2016


Monique Lhuillier-1
Photo Credit: moniquelhuillier.com

For her Spring 2016 collection, we see Monique Lhuillier pursuing versatility and diversity. Her creations vary from tea-length dresses to evening gowns, playing with lower hemlines at the back.

The fabrics used in her new collection are mostly chiffon, satin and tulle, while colour spectrum ranges from nude and grey to dark blue, crimson and violet.

When Vera Wang introduced the spectacular black-feathered wedding dress in her Spring 2016 Bridal collection, it’s really not surprising to see a dark grey and even a black gown from Monique Lhuillier’s new bridesmaids collection.

Monique Lhuillier-2
Photo Credit: moniquelhuillier.com

One of our favourite designs from her collection is a violet colour A-line midi dress. This particular design balances the length with a deep cleavage while showing a little skin, but stop short of causing any outcry for being too revealing.

Among the assortment of floor-length gowns, Monique introduces a piece that catches our eye: a metallic silver mini dress. The strapless attire is decorated with a crystal-embellished waistline, turning a simple dress into an elegant and glamorous outfit, perfect for any bridesmaid partaking in a wedding celebration.

Monique Lhuillier-3
Photo Credit: moniquelhuillier.com

Amsale Bridesmaids Collection Spring 2016


Amsale Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 1Photo Credit: amsale.com

The Amsale Bridal Collection for Spring 2016 is all about airy fabrics, ruffles and delicate feminine cuts. Looking at the collection, it instantly reminds us of Singapore’s sandy beaches and tropical gardens – the perfect oasis for a perfect wedding.

Just like in Monique Lhuillier’s collection, black is not excluded from Amsale’s collection either, but here we see more colourful concoction. If we have to describe the Amsale collection in one word, it would definitely be ‘chic’.

Their 2016 collection consists of evening gowns, tea-length and short dresses.

From cap sleeves and open backs to spaghetti straps and halter necks, dresses can be found in colours ranging from pale blue, royal blue, indigo and burgundy to black, grey, as well as nude and ivory shades.

Amsale Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 2
Photo Credit: amsale.com

Amsale Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 3
Photo Credit: amsale.com

Amsale Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 4
Photo Credit: amsale.com

Zac Posen Bridesmaids Collection Spring 2016


Zac Posen Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 1
Photo Credit: wwd.com

In between white wedding dresses, New York based designer Zac Posen presents his black dresses, creating a dramatic contrast in his ‘Truly Zac Posen Bridal Collection for 2016’.

Zac sees 2016 as a year of returning to classic strong colours as he clothe bridesmaids in black, red and dark grey with his new collection.

His styles are long, slender mermaid gowns and plunging necklines with spaghetti or wide straps. In our opinion, there’s something about Zac’s designs that exudes sensuality in the most elegant and feminine way for bridesmaids.

His lacy black gown is definitely our favourite. It reveals just the right amount of skin to exhibit seductiveness, elegance and femininity. Somehow, picturing the bride in a white wedding gown and her bridesmaids with Zac Posen’s contrasting black dresses doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea.

Zac Posen Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 2
Photo Credit: wwd.com

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaids Collection Spring 2016


Alfred Angelo Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 2
Photo Credit: alfredangelo.com

Dressing brides and their wedding parties for over 80 years, bridal fashion legacy, Alfred Angelo is a step ahead with their 2016 Bridesmaids Collection, using soft, airy and colourful fabrics. Most of their designs are A-shaped dresses with a combination of tasteful cuts and fabric variety.

One of Alfred Angelo’s most exquisite creations is a strapless, floor-length organza gown with an attractive crystal-beaded waistline. It comes in an elegant, evening royal shade of blue. Additionally, a halter neckline dress and a single shoulder strap dress also caught our eye; for these two dresses, the jewellery around the neck and shoulder area boasts an elegant and glamorous note.

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 1
Photo Credit: alfredangelo.com

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 3
Photo Credit: alfredangelo.com

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaids 2016 Collection - 4
Photo Credit: alfredangelo.com

To wrap up our take of the Spring 2016 collections here, it’s obvious that pastel and nude shades are still strong contenders for the next season. We are also witnessing a profusion of creative, original styles and bold colours from bridal designers.

The collections here are by no means definitive because you’ll find a good assortment of bridesmaids dresses from many bridal shops in Singapore, and we hope we’ve provided you a great starting point for inspiration.

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