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A Balinese Inspired Home Design Done Right

Much like architecture, interior design is something unique to an individual’s taste and lifestyle. For Zul and his family, Bali’s stunning natural landscape, friendly locals and rich cultural history led to a Bali-inspired style and décor for their dream home at the Double Bay Condo.

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Balinese – Inspired Interior Design in Singapore

With endless stretches of beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains, and serene countryside, the island is also one of the world’s top vacation destinations, and a major influence in the domain of architecture and interior design.

Although culturally different, we both share similarities when it come to our climates and love for open-air living. Locally, Balinese-inspired style and decor has also become increasingly popular as Singapore homeowners adopt its natural beauty, traditional design and high-quality crafts.

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Hiring a Good Team

During his search for interior design and renovation professionals to take on the project, Zul met up with Sunny (Interior Designer) from The Local INN.terior Pte Ltd – a team comprised of creative and vibrant professionals whom specializes in both residential and commercial Interior Design. Impressed by their level of customer service and professionalism, Zul engaged them to recreate the resort-like ambience for his new condominium unit.

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Design & Planning

During the initial phase of design and planning, Zul wanted his original collection of Balinese style teak wood furniture to blend into the newly constructed aesthetics without the new versus old feel.

Hence, the team made the effort to spend time and meticulously choose the right type of laminate colours for carpentry works, so as to satisfy the client’s requirement.

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Challenges & Highlights

Secondly, the design team took on the challenge of fabricating a Bali-inspired “Hut” feel within the property’s interior space.

To deliver a feeling of distinct characteristic and traditional aesthetic, Sunny and his team of artisans went on to design and incorporated wooden ‘beams’ for ceilings, walls and vertical columns in all the rooms.

Warm down-lights, floral motif craft stones, nature inspired art pieces and woven furnishings were all used to great effect to complete the rustic Balinese theme within the home.

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Though the property has a floor area of 1,500 square feet, the client also wanted a large full height mirror installed at the dining area to make it appear more spacious.

To overcome its enormous size and logistical restrictions, Sunny had to improvise and innovatively combine smaller mirror pieces to appear as if it is one large mirror.

The entire process were both intricate and technically challenging but nonetheless, the team displayed great workmanship and did a wonderful job owing to years of invaluable experience.

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Outdoor Space

For aficionados, a Balinese home typically has a front open pavilion to welcome guests. In this project, the designers decided to make good use of the backyard space and built a landscaped garden incorporating Javanese influence.

Complemented with water features, tropical decorative foliage, stones and timbered panels, they blended artistic originality to showcase a relaxed and open-air resort atmosphere – making the patio look stylish and truly intoxicating for any visitors to this exquisitely looking home.

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Project Details

Location – Double Bay Condo, 19 Simei Street 4, Singapore 529885.
Property Type – New condominium unit with 3 bedder.
Floor Area – Approximately 1,500 sqft.
Project Cost – $70k.
Client(s) – Mr Zul.

About The Company

The Local INN.terior Team

With years of Interior Design and renovation works experience, our team of professionals here at The Local INN.terior Pte Ltd specializes in both residential and commercial Interior Design, Space Planning, Interior Decorating and Styling.

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