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7 Ways To Create An Incredibly Sexy Bedroom For Newly Weds

The honeymoon period is over, and as you reflect back on what you had done to plan the honeymoon so blissful for your new spouse, you proudly grin from one ear to the other, immersing in the joy of your once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

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At first glance, this seems tricky. Like all great romances, a bedroom for newly weds need a little glamour and drama because you don’t want your spouse to have the excuse of making a remark that you are grotesquely inconsiderate.

Your answer then, is to read on and learn about some of the helpful hints we have to offer to you here. Without further ado, here are the 7 ways to create an incredibly sexy bedroom design for newly weds, now let’s get started!

Go For Luxury Bedding

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Indeed, this is the most important aspect where a lot of the sexy moments and drama will be. Thus, if your bedding is of low quality cotton or polyester, then you may probably want to invest in new and really arousing bedding.

Lightweight white and satin weave bedding are usually the sexiest types of bedclothes and are absolutely arousing against the skin. You can invest in a set of high tread count sheets (around 450 to 650) for a super soft feel and to serve as an inviting retreat to brighten your mood as you slip under those lovely sheets.

Not to forget, your bedding should be cared for and changed regularly because nothing spells sexiness more than really, really clean sheets.

Invest in Window Treatments

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An attractive bedroom with no window treatments to shut out the world is not sexy, at all. And this statement may be telling you that if you have not got your curtains, blinds or window shades for your bedroom, then it is not something that can be ignored or overlooked.

One reason window treatments are essential is because they create the most soothing effect for total relaxation in your bedroom and allow you and your spouse to stay in your bed for as long as you want, even long after the sun has risen.

Sure enough, this means you can still have some romantically intimate moment with your spouse without being disturbed or interrupted by anything outside the bedroom.

Add a Sheepskin Rug

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Are those sheepskin rugs flattering choices for sexy bedrooms? The answer is yes, these rugs create a warm and cozy space where you will instantly fall in love with your bedroom.

You can choose a rug that completely carpets your room, or a smaller rug used as the focal point and centers it under the light fixture. Either way, you will get the sexiest-themed flooring topped by a connotation of romance.

That is something worth celebrating every day! Sadly enough, those who reject them will be denied of a seductive landing to their feet altogether.

Romantic Ceiling Drapes

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As my personal interior designer said, “Bedroom ceiling drapes can soften the look of your bedroom and may melt all your worries and tension, as well as to create the mood of the night.”

I believe that another reason to opt for romantic ceiling drapes is that they also transform the bedroom into a more intimate space, using soft, flowing fabric instead of the conventional ceiling moulds which are somehow less captivating.

These fabric drapes can be added with string lights to create the look of a starry sky above your bed, so beautiful you are guaranteed the instant touch of romance or drama.

Get Intimate In a Canopy Bed

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Oh, here we go again. The one centrepiece of a sexy bedroom – a fully-functional canopy bed. Honestly, I have always had a canopy bed since I was little and am no stranger to canopy beds.

These beds were created in Medieval times to provide privacy for noblemen and for warmth and privacy, as their servants often slept in the same room. They typically feature posts at each of the four corners extending four feet high or more above the mattress.

But for a full, enclosing canopy, curtain rods are usually hung from the ceiling along the perimeter of the bed where fabric can be hung from. Either way, they make the most sophisticated and sexy beds you can possibly have!

Keep The Bedroom Dim With Low Energy Lighting

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Keeping your room dim with low energy light bulbs is one of the easiest ways to a sexy bedroom.  Any wedded couples could have replied, “You are right, low light is sexy.” And it is so true.

To get the best effect, have at least three points of light, which are typically two reading lamps and one near your bed which can be easily reached out when it is game time. Even more importantly, make sure there is no direct light illuminating towards you and your partner.

Instead, have the light bulbs cast their soft light under lampshades. Alternatively, you may place nicely scented candles in your room as candlelight can make all unpleasantness look good in the bedroom.

Pop a Bottle of Champagne!

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Sure, it is nice to clean your teeth and take a hot shower and put on sexy underwear before you head to bed, but just for once, try to have a bottle of champagne popped to boost the ambiance and moods, plus to let your partner feel and experience more sexiness.

Whenever you try something new in the bedroom, your partner will instantly feel it. And this is surely one of the many exciting ways to bring sexy back into the bedroom!

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