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7 Reasons Why a Small and Affordable Wedding is Better

Traditional Asian wedding etiquette dictates that weddings should be a grand affair. In a recent article published in The New Paper – The Rising Cost of Loving, wedding planners in Singapore commented that the cost of a wedding in Singapore increases by an alarming rate of 10 percent every year!

In particular, the average cost of a table in today’s context will set you back for $1,500 to $2,000 if you are having your wedding dinner in grand hotels. That’s almost double of what a couple would have paid for ten years ago.

Of course, there are couples who can afford the astronomical price tag of throwing grand weddings, but in some cases, there are some who are pressured to spend an exorbitant amount of money for this once in a lifetime event. They usually feel compelled to invite everyone to their wedding due to various reasons. Yes, even those distant relatives or acquaintance that they would only see once in blue moon.

However, in my opinion, the pursuit of memorable wedding should never feel torturous and suffocating for a couple. It simply doesn’t make any sense by getting yourselves into debt, just when you’re starting a new phase in life as husband and wife together.

Yet overtime, we forget that a wedding is supposed to be a formal ceremony where family, relatives and friends come together to celebrate your holy matrimony, in a joyous and blissful atmosphere. Not one that causes a rift between you and your family.

So for those who are planning for their wedding, here are 7 reasons why it is perfectly okay to hold a small and yet affordable wedding.

1. Saving A LOT of Money

7 Reasons Why a Small and Affordable Wedding is Better - Saving Alot of Money
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The shorter your guest list is, the more money you save. Yup absolutely!

You can save your wedding invitations for your immediate family, close relatives and closest friends. With a small and intimate wedding, you don’t need a luxurious hotel or grand ballroom to host a few hundred guests.

My advice, if you cannot justify throwing away $50,000 just in one night, you should not feel obliged to host an extravagant wedding just because it is the social norm. And also don’t bang on breaking even from the Ang Bao money because it might just not turn out the way you hope it would.

Granted, your parents may protest and raise many eyebrows after you tell them that you are not inviting your mum’s grand auntie or your grandmother’s cousin.

What I would do, is to patiently help my parents understand that sometimes, friendships forged by choice can be more powerful than relations formed by birth, especially when it comes to distant relatives. Or you can just let them know that you simply can’t afford to invite everyone that you occasionally brush shoulders with.

2. Spend More on Your Honeymoon Instead

7 Reasons Why a Small and Affordable Wedding is Better - Island Honeymoon

The money you get to save can be spent on a luxurious honeymoon for the both of you. You don’t have to settle for your second choice just to fit your honeymoon expenses into a tight wedding budget! Looking at the bright side of things, now you can finally afford to travel to your dream honeymoon destination.

French Polynesia anyone?

3. You Can Have More Wedding Venue Options

7 Reasons Why a Small and Affordable Wedding is Better - Singapore Zoo
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With a smaller group of wedding guests, you have less restrictions when it comes to choosing your wedding venues. When you don’t have to host your wedding in banquet halls to accommodate hundreds of guests, you can opt for cheaper wedding venues and still arrive at your wedding in style. Why not consider venues such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Fort Canning Park, Singapore Arts Museum, or perhaps even hold your wedding at a nearby private island such as Nikoi Island for a cosier wedding affair.

4. You Get to Interact With Your Guests

7 Reasons Why a Small and Affordable Wedding is Better - Play Jenga at wedding
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One great thing about a small and intimate wedding is that you actually have the time to interact with all of your guests. No bride would have to lug her heavy wedding dress to greet 40 tables worth of friends and relatives, and then having to settle for an awkward picture with every table of guests.

To make things even more interesting, you even have room for some fun and games! How about a conga line, a life-sized game of Jenga, or an exciting dance battle between you and your friends?

5. You Get Moments Alone With Your Partner

7 Reasons Why a Small and Affordable Wedding is Better - Wedding Couple Initmate Moment

You can take some time to relish the fact that you have officially tied the knot with the love of your life.

Few couples get to do this on their wedding day because they spend their time entertaining a few hundred guests with obligatory conversations and going though too much uncalled-for stress. Maybe you can skip off for a moment or two, just to do a romantic slow dance with each other.

Soak it all in and enjoy each other’s company; After all, it is your special day.

6. You Don’t Need THAT Many Attire

7 Reasons Why a Small and Affordable Wedding is Better - Asian Bride in Wedding Dress

In local Chinese weddings, the bride changes her attire at least 3 times throughout the course of the dinner. The banquet usually starts off with the bride making a grand entrance with the groom in a white wedding dress; and after every few courses of food, the bride rushes off to change into different coloured evening gowns.

For a small and low key wedding, you do not need to commit to such a grand, and overrated tradition. There isn’t a need to have 3 or 4 luxurious gowns to impress guests. You just keep things as simple as possible, you’ll still look radiant in that ONE gorgeous looking wedding dress.

7. You Won’t Feel as Tense at Your Wedding

7 Reasons Why a Small and Affordable Wedding is Better - Wedding Couple Having Fun

Since you are celebrating this big day with your closest family, relatives and friends, you won’t feel so nervous on your wedding day. You will be surrounded by people you feel most at home with, and that should soothe any pre-wedding jitters. You don’t even have to worry too much about tripping on your wedding gown, because even if you do, they will just laugh it off with you!

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