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7 Ingenious Ways To Arrive At Your Own Wedding With Style

From the very first fairy tale story they listen to, girls grow up dreaming of arriving at their own wedding with style on their big day. The fantasy may differ from a princess waiting for her prince charming to arrive on a horse to a modern woman wearing sneakers and arriving at her wedding on a bike. Either way, the once upon a time little girl can make her dreams come true on her wedding day.

As exciting as it all sounds, planning a wedding can be quite stressful, but you have to focus on the important aspects. And how you arrive at your own wedding is not one of those details you want to ignore, because it can set the tone to an unforgettable day for both you and your guests.

In this day and time, wedding transportation has become much more diverse than just renting a car or a limousine. Whether you’re going for a classic, traditional wedding or you want a one of a kind, spectacular event, the way you and your soon-to-be husband arrive at the wedding can turn into quite an entrance.

Here are some options you could consider:

The Horse and Carriage

7 Ingenious Ways To Arrive At Your Own Wedding With Style-Horse Carriage-Singapore Zoo

Frank Sinatra sure knew a thing or two about this when he sang in one of his well-known songs that “love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage”. And if you think about it, he was probably right; nothing speaks romance more than a horse driven carriage.

This would be a great way for you and your fiancée to spend a few moments together before the big event, just sitting back and relaxing as the both of you arrives like royalty and your fairy tale begins to unfold.

The Bicycle

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If you and your partner are into sports this could be the perfect way for you to arrive at your wedding. Each of you can ride a bike or make it even more fun and quirky and ask your close friends to accompany you; just make sure they know in advance, so they can dress appropriate.

Turn up the romance and choose a tandem bicycle that you can decorate with flowers or balloons matching the wedding décor or funny signs. It might also be a good idea for you too, to replace those high heels with a pair of comfortable sneakers or flats.

The Golf Cart aka Golf Buggy

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If you’re looking for something more fun than a car, but still more comfortable than a bike, a golf cart could be a great way for you and your partner to arrive at your wedding. You could take the godparents with you since the golf cart has 4 seats.

The Luxury Yacht

7 Ingenious Ways To Arrive At Your Own Wedding With Style-Yacht

Being so close to water could be one of the perks of a Singapore wedding. If your wedding location is close to the water you could think of making an entrance on a yacht. Take your best men and bridesmaids and make great memories on your way to your wedding.

The Party Bus

7 Ingenious Ways To Arrive At Your Own Wedding With Style-Party Bus Cosmosine
Photo Credit by Cosmosine

If you want to arrive with your friends at your wedding you could rent a bus, get everyone together and travel comfortably. You can get the party started earlier on a party bus, have some drinks and enjoy good music. But if you’re still planning to make an entrance, just make sure there are still people left to welcome you at the location.

The Vintage Car

7 Ingenious Ways To Arrive At Your Own Wedding With Style-Vintage Car

If you’re still considering the traditional option and decide to arrive to your wedding by car, it doesn’t mean it has to be your everyday vehicle. You can add a vintage air to the event by arriving in a classic vintage car. As old as they might be, these cars never go out of style; moreover, they’re just like wine – the older, the better.

If you decide to go for vintage, choose a convertible – it’s definitely more spacious and you will certainly enjoy a ride in the wind. Not to mention that you’ll make a special someone very happy to drive such a one of a kind car.

The Good Ol’ Fashion Walk

7 Ingenious Ways To Arrive At Your Own Wedding With Style-Walk

This is definitely the cheapest option, but it only applies if you live close to the wedding location. Take your shoes off and go for a romantic walk with your loved one. There’s nothing like a barefoot walk and some alone time with your better half to calm your nerves and recharge your batteries. If you want to meet with your partner at the wedding venue, take your bridesmaids for a walk and reminisce some of your best times together.

When it comes to choosing your wedding transportation, there’s no such thing as the perfect way to arrive at your wedding with style. It all comes down to what suits you and your partner best, what blends in with the wedding theme and décor. Whether you’re an endless romantic or you’re both into sports, being yourself on your wedding day is the most important thing and it all start with your wedding arrival.

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