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7 Ideas to Save on your Home Renovation in Singapore

You’ve purchased your new home and are looking forward to putting your own style and design into the upcoming renovations.

This is probably going to be one of the biggest purchases that you ever make in your life and overtime, you’ll want to preserve and upgrade your biggest asset.

For many first-time homeowners (I’m one), it is financially straining to be coughing out a large amount of money for things like renovation, furniture and appliances all at one go.

So, having gone through it myself, I am sharing these 7 ideas to help you save on your home renovation in Singapore.

1. Warehouse Sales

7 Ideas to Save on your Home Renovation - mad shopper rush
Image via smh.com.au. Photo by Don Arnold

Often times, local retailers run warehouse sales to clear inventories or past season collections to make way for new stocks.

Items such as furniture, lighting fixtures, mattresses, entertainment systems, home appliances and much more can be found at sales event like the Philips Carnival sale, Courts Warehouse sale etc. which are held annually.

Sharp-eyed homeowners could find incredible deals at such warehouse sales. Mark down the dates on your calendar so that you don’t miss any opportunity to save an incredible amount of money.

2. Explore Cost Efficient Ideas

7 Ideas to Save on your Home Renovation - IKEA Showroom

Visit the Singapore home fairs or IKEA to get budget minded ideas for your home renovation. You’ll get to see incredible design ideas at these venues and some of these won’t cost a lot to put into action.

You can also talk to the experts at these places to find out what the best prices can be had for specific renovation work or materials. Sometimes, special promotional renovation packages are offered by exhibitors at these fairs.

3. Work With an Interior Designer

7 Ideas to Save on your Home Renovation - interior designer

There seems to be a common perception that hiring an interior designer would cost more, but in actual fact, it could actually save you money for your home renovation if you look further. Many professional designers work with suppliers and are often provided discounts on household accessories and even on construction materials.

For many of us, it is not easy to visualize the final outcome of a renovation project. When you work with a professional interior designer, they will be able to show you exactly what you can expect.

Besides receiving fabulous expertise on the design and decor of your home or a specific room, they could also help to cut your costs by giving you practical advice. This way, you won’t have any remorse to deal with later and will be able to follow through on your project with total certainty.

As well, certified interior designers know about architecture – even more so than most general contractors. They would also possess proficient knowledge about electrical wiring and plumbing as well.

They are the professionals that you need most but be sure that you hire a designer and not a decorator. A decorator makes your home look pretty but a designer takes care of the planning, actual work and then make it look beautiful.

4. The IKEA Catalogue

7 Ideas to Save on your Home Renovation - woman browsing Ikea catalogue
Image via gigazine.net

Look in different areas for creative ideas. The IKEA catalogue is one that offers many unique design inspirations at no costs.

This company isn’t afraid to be bold and exciting when it comes to making a home fashion statement. While it may be hard to find a brightly coloured couch for your living room at regular furniture stores, IKEA will have a few gorgeous ones for you to choose from.

Having fun should come hand-in-hand with putting your own personal touch into the renovations and style of your home. You should only go ahead when you absolutely love how everything will go together.

Never rush a project just to get it done. This home is yours now and should act as an extension of your own personality. Now that you have the keys, it’s time to get up close and personal with your home.

5. Modern Styles

7 Ideas to Save on your Home Renovation - minimalist design living room
Image via inspirefirst.com

In general, a minimalist or modern style makeover for your home will be cheaper than a vintage style.

When you look at the modern design themes of today, everything is kept minimal with fixtures and furnishings made from plastic or glass, which gives you a lot of flexibility and they are very much cheaper materials than solid wood.

If you are an ardent fan of wood, then go for the much cheaper plywood or MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) wrapped with veneer or laminate to accentuate the wooden grain look. However, keep in mind they don’t last as long compared with solid wood.

6. Ditch Wallpaper

7 Ideas to Save on your Home Renovation - woman painting wall

When your walls need some work, don’t even consider putting up wallpaper. It’s a lot more expensive than paint and if you don’t like it a few years down the road, it’s difficult and costly to take everything down again.

Wallpaper doesn’t stand up too well in our warm and humid weather. If you have kids, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of this type of wall covering. One simple rip in the paper can destroy the look of the entire wall.

There are many companies in Singapore that can do a professional painting job for your house or a room at a very reasonable price. If you want to save on hiring painters, call up family members or friends to form your own painting crew but be warned, you’ll need to manage your expectations.

With a wide variety of odourless, easy-wash and stainless interior paints available, it is a much easier to DIY nowadays, and painted walls lasts much longer and a lot cheaper to maintain in the long run.

7. Avoid Carpeting

7 Ideas to Save on your Home Renovation - coffee stain on carpet
Image via resimbul.com

Carpets don’t come cheap and they can be expensive to maintain. Some stains are very difficult to lift out of the carpeting even if you call in a professional cleaner to help you out. Carpets also tend to discolour and look worn after they have been in the home for a year.

If you have kids or a pet, you’ll need to follow them around with a rag and a cleaning product in hand if you want your carpeting to remain in good condition. To keep your home renovation costs down, consider vinyl or homogeneous tile flooring instead.

There are many other options when it comes to saving money on your renovations. A little ingenuity on your part could go a long way. If you are starting on your home renovation plans, you may also be interested to find out more about the different types of floor tiles suited for your home’s flooring.

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