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6 Must Know Dressing Rules For a Singapore Wedding

Singaporeans are known for their laid back, or rather, ‘lepak’ dressing. Unlike countries with four seasons, it’s quite unimaginable to be walking around daily dressed in a suit and pants under humid and tropical heat.

However, it seems that some Singaporeans cannot stray away from their favourite casual wear even when it comes to formal occasions – as in this case, attending a wedding.

A wedding is usually a formal and grand affair, especially if it’s a wedding banquet. The wedding couple has made efforts to spend lavishly and invited you to witness the commemoration of their love, the least you could do is to dress appropriately and show respect for their holy matrimony.

To avoid embarrassing yourself and the wedding couple, here are 6 must know dressing rules to help you decide what you shouldn’t wear when you attend a Singapore wedding.

Flip Flops

6 Must Know Dressing Rules for a Singapore Wedding- flip flop
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Singaporeans simply love flip flops. We turn to our flip flops when we go to the beach, to restaurants, weekend shopping in Orchard Road, in fact, for almost any occasion.

Slippers may be your go-to footwear on weekends or after work hours, but it is a definite no-no if you show up at a Singapore wedding with your flip flops!

Unless it is explicitly stated on the wedding invite that it is a “very casual” beach wedding, otherwise, put on a decent pair of dress shoes, oxford shoes, flats or heels.

For a formal occasion like this, these kind of footwear are considered a taboo.

Crocs and Sandals

6 Must Know Dressing Rules for a Singapore Wedding - sandals
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Crocs has managed to improve its design, they are still chunky, littered with holes, and often bathed in pastel colour schemes. While seen as a fashion statement for some, there’s no getting around the simple fact that Crocs are just not the right pair of footwear when you attend weddings.

Other than Crocs, those black strapped casual sandals are strictly off-limits too. We’re pretty sure you don’t want to ignite unnecessary remarks from the fashion police by turning up in casual footwear like these.

Jeans and Tees

6 Must Know Dressing Rules for a Singapore Wedding - middle finger t-shirt
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Attending a wedding is not a leisure shopping trip to the heartland mall. The Jeans and Tees combination is just not wedding appropriate!

And if that T-shirt so happens to sport a graphic picture or profanity message, you can be sure you will be the ‘spotlight’ at the event.

The least you can do is to put on a button down shirt and a pair of pants to make it seem like you ACTUALLY put in effort for the joyous occasion.

Denim Shorts

6 Must Know Dressing Rules for a Singapore Wedding - denim shorts
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It is a wedding, a solemn affair, not a girls’ day out to the beach. Dig it? Even if you have just hit the gym to work on your legs, there is no reason for you to turn up at a wedding in a pair of denim shorts.

For the ladies, you can simply put on a knee length dress if you really want to show off those well-toned legs.

Hoodies and Sports Attire

6 Must Know Dressing Rules for a Singapore Wedding - hoodie
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I’ve heard horror stories of how wedding guests actually showed up wearing their work out attire. Yes, you heard that right, somehow some staunch athletic junkies feel the need to let everyone know they were sweating it out at the gym.

Leave your hoodie and sports outfit in the gym. You may think it’s cool but dressing styles like this will even make the coffee-shop uncles go face palm and exclaim ‘alamak’!

Anything Too Revealing

6 Must Know Dressing Rules for a Singapore Wedding - plunging neckline
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You may be single and ready to introduce yourself when you spot a good-looking stud at the wedding, but hey, anything that is too short or too low should be avoided at all costs. It’s not ‘chiong’ night at Zouk!

Also, don’t wear a tight and revealing body-con dress because it might just be too uncomfortable for you. Why would you want to spend the entire course of the wedding ceremony tugging on your dress to pull it down, or sucking in your tummy to avoid showing that bulge after a filling dinner?

So please, save that body-con dress for Zouk, not the wedding! Liberate your body from tight fitting dresses or tops and put on an elegantly flowing dress so you can feel good and relaxed at the dinner.

One more thing, if you are attending a church wedding, then it would be more appropriate to opt for something more conservative.

While it is true that dressing rules for wedding guests have been relaxed over the years, it is still necessary to follow etiquette and dress up properly as a wedding guest. Don’t create awkward moments for the host and yourself, and keep the wedding drama-free.

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