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5 No-Nonsense Ways to Keep Within Your Wedding Budget

So you and your fiancé (or fiancee) just nailed your wedding budget and found ways to save money on your wedding. Congratulations! But the toughest part isn’t over yet.

Many engaged Singaporeans start off with a realistic budget, patting themselves on the back and promising each other they wouldn’t spend more than they can afford.

But as the wedding planning progresses, it’s common to suddenly want things you didn’t plan for – like that fairy-tale arch that would totally complete your dream wedding!

Here are some tips that will help you keep within your wedding budget:

1. Plan the Essentials

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On a notepad (or iPad or whatever you feel most comfortable with), write down the items and services you will need most to carry out the wedding. Everything else falls into the “if I can afford this after everything, I will get these items” list. The essentials would be anything from a church venue to catering.

Don’t even think about that wedding arch until you’ve settled your solemnisation, venue and food. You need to be very disciplined on getting the essentials sorted out right from the beginning. Once that’s done, you can look at your remaining budget and see then decide what are the extras you can afford.

2. Ask Someone to be the Budget Police

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Mired in all the excitement, it’s easy to stray from your wedding budget and essentials when you and your partner are in the midst of wedding planning. He or she might ground you a little, but when you are both so involved, it can be hard to see the bigger picture sometimes.

While planning your wedding, why not assign a close friend or relative to be the “Budget Police”? Their role will be to keep your spending in check by monitoring your expenses or finding cheaper alternatives.

To do this well, they should be detail-oriented, resourceful, and readily available to help you shop for vendors or talk you out of impulsive purchases.

Remember, the both of you don’t have to be in this alone.

3. Shop Around


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The wedding industry isn’t monopolised. There are almost countless of vendors that you can approach, ranging from bigger companies to the smaller boutique ones, which means you could make reasonable price comparisons before deciding on the right ones to help you realize your dream wedding.

Other than shopping around, make an effort to hear from people who have used the vendor’s services. This will give you a better idea of what to negotiate for, their service level and trustworthiness. Which brings us to our next point…

4. Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

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Avoid take a wedding package as it is, or you might miss out on a lot of potential free extras. Remember, you don’t have an unlimited wedding budget like Kanye and Kim, so it’ll be wise to make every dollar count.

Always try to make room for negotiations. For example, negotiating a hotel wedding banquet may get you a free flow of beer and wine or a free anniversary stay. A few words of advice though: don’t be unreasonable when negotiating and don’t demand for absurd discounts.

5. Compromise with Your Parents

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Sometimes the problem with keeping to the budget doesn’t lie in the couple; it lies with their parents.

Some parents want a big ceremony to show their relatives that their baby is finally getting married, but the price tags that come along with this can be more than what’s affordable for you.

If what they want is beyond your budget, handle things maturely and have a frank discussion with your parents about this. Work out a compromise that will appease them while allowing you to stay within the intended wedding budget.

Lay it out for them, and explain firmly but gently on your financial situation. It helps to bring along your partner for support when you speak to them.

Starting out as a lifestyle writer, Jehanne currently writes for Singsaver.com.sg about saving money in everyday situations.