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5 Best Honeymoon Destinations For 2016

The stunningly beautiful locations around the world are often featured in novels and films where lovers celebrate true and undying love. With some films I watched before, these locations can go beyond a home-away-from-home experience and what others would typically view as plain impressive.

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For example, in a scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’, Harry and Sally share an 18-hour drive to New York setting off through the strikingly Gothic Cobb Gate before cruising along the Harbour Freeway through the industrial containers of Wilmington, south of Los Angeles, and stopping to eat at an old diner in the shadow of the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

As good as it gets, you could find some of the most incredibly enchanting locations of New York and Los Angeles in this movie. Then I remember watching another movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ where a woman’s search for her affection for Eat, Pray, Love across Italy, India and Indonesia ends when she finds her true love on the idyllic beach of Bali, a sparkling azure beach that comes with it rugged coastlines and varied landscape of hills and mountains, and a picturesque backdrop for the film.

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It was also from this film that the island was popularized, attracting thousands of honeymoon goers to visit this island for its merry festivals and a myriad of temple ceremonies, as well as vibrant art scenes such as Balinale, an international film festival.

As these exotic and romantic destinations are being immortalised on films many times over, the dazzling scenic views of these delightful places never seem to get old and continue to capture the hearts of thousands of honeymoon goers. And it’s nice to know some of them which are really worth travelling to. Here are the best five honeymoon destinations I expect honeymoon goers will be flooding in this year, if not film producers.

Peak District, England

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Who says honeymoon must be done chilling out on white-sand beaches or visiting some of the world’s best diving sites? Young romantic couples today love to spend time together doing things that are totally new such as hiking and mountain-biking in order to expand mutual interests. Try visiting the Peak District in England and you’ll find a world of contrasting natural beauty for every adventurous personality.

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It is packed with varied attractions from mountains to dales to rivers, national parks and walking trails. Known and loved by hundreds of honeymoon goers for its dramatic and untamed Dark Peak region to the north, and the prettier and more pastoral White Peak to the south.

Stockholm, Sweden

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a wonderful conversation with a dear old friend about this beautiful city on water. Having an enviable setting, and built around a multitude of forested islands where Lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea, Stockholm definitely makes for a rewarding honeymoon escape.

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You’ll probably be surprised by the harmonious architecture from the Gamla Stan (old town) to stately 19th century neighbourhoods, traditional Scandinavian-style houses painted in earthy reds and yellows, and more modern, simple buildings. Plus, you romantics will be happy to know that Stockholm is also best for its atmosphere and hormone-rising experiences.

Madrid, Spain

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Forget candle light dinner, fairy lights, and small-plate meals – in this special city that highlights the Europe’s largest flea market you simply inch your way down, follow the crowds and then sample the best of Spanish cuisine in the midst of stalls and food hunters who go all out for Europe’s culinary treasures – as well as one of Madrid’s oldest markets, the Mercado De San Miguel, which has been beautifully restored.

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In addition to the market, Madrid also has fantastic cafés that provide a front-row seat to the energetic street. With some cafés, it’s best to visit after midnight when a lounge atmosphere takes over. You and your new spouse will have hours of fun and learn valuable culture found in this modern and young city.

Kraków, Poland

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If you’re in the mood to embark on a love journey but don’t want to lose the opportunity to immerse in historical artefacts and cultural treasure troves, then it’s totally okay for you to do both at the same time as sticking to your passion is key to a happy honeymoon. Thus, I reckon that Poland’s medieval capital is the dream destination that has something to offer to every self-respecting history fan like you.

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It has miraculously endured wars and oppressive regimes that it is capable of keeping your whim and fancy running for at least sometime out of an extensive honeymoon. The city is a delight to explore on foot, from its medieval Old Town to the scores of cellar bars and restaurants. With the hilltop Wawel, you’ll need at least four hours to appreciate the fine interiors and precious objects in its Renaissance period castle and Gothic cathedral – two of the largest and best known buildings of the complex.

Brooklyn, New York

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The mere mention of Brooklyn evokes thoughts of a shopping paradise. With so many vintage clothing stores and indie shops for browsing, shopping in Brooklyn is a great activity for honeymoon goers here. But if you have a budget to stick to, I’d suggest you take a walk at the huge and gorgeous park in central Brooklyn where you can enjoy the park for hours without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Created in the mid-19th century, the park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who created Manhattan’s Central Park. Some honeymoon goers would come here to experience this sacred conservancy park, with all its exclusive attractions like the Long Meadow, Picnic House, Litchfield Villa, Prospect Park Zoo, and Brooklyn’s only lake.

So, what are your 5 best honeymoon destinations for 2016?

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