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3 Splendidly Creative Ideas for Your Dining Room

So moving on to the dining room, my spouse and I have been thinking a lot lately about how we could be decorating it. What we have found is that there are a few creative ideas that we could explore for our dining room design. However, getting interested is one thing, doing it for real is another, as we have never worked on a fabrication or design project together before!

So, we roped in someone to help us come up with ideas that we were envisioning for our dining room. The plan was to have a rock star who possesses a good design and fabrication background. This individual will help to find a style that will work and maybe cut out a little bit of work for us.

The best candidate known to us was none other than my younger brother’s childhood friend, Chris, where many of his artistically brilliant ideas include oddly finished flooring and unconventionally styled spaces – battle hardened after a decade of decorating homes for his own clients.

Interestingly, Chris comes across as an inventive individual, who firmly believes that interior design doesn’t always mean following the rules, but rather to uncover personal inspirations and standing out with a touch of uniqueness.

And so, the hastily formed ragtag team came up with 3 amazingly cool and creative ideas below. Let’s get to them, shall we?

Create a Tree-Inspired Chandelier

Creative Ideas for Your Dining Room - Tree Chandelier

Chris suggests to us the thought-provoking idea of creating a unique tree-inspired chandelier, that makes it look as if there are trees surrounding us while we are eating. That is exactly what we would have wanted for our dining room, a beautifully rustic way to light up the dining room, at the same time, projecting awesome forest-shadowed details all over our walls. For us, this seems particularly exciting because we could DIY the entire lighting structure, saving a couple of hundred bucks on that!

The first step he says is to pick a couple variations of artificial tree branches, which could be easily bent and set into various odd angles. Also necessary is a can of spray paint to give the branches a good coat of colour. Other materials include a wooden round ball of twine, a 200-watt light bulb, some aluminium wire and electrical cords from any hardware stores.

To create the chandelier, we use the twined ball as the base and connect the branches onto the wooden round ball using the wire. Then we just have to keep on adding the branches one by one around the twined ball, making it look like an awesome spherical ball of branches.

Something worth taking note of while doing this is to leave a hole large enough to stick our electrical appliance into. Now we just have to create the light source by connecting the bulb and the electrical cord. It is that easy!

Create a Nature Aquarium Dining Experience

Creative Ideas for Your Dining Room - Table Aquarium

“Turning a conventional dining area into a nature inspired aquarium is an open and flexible approach that allows room for personal style,” says Chris. It offers not only a uniquely-designed and livable dining space, but also a great view of the fishes and aqua-scape. Imagine sitting down, enjoying a well-cooked meal and feeling so close to nature while you dine. That is exactly what we could do with the idea of an amazing ‘Underwater’ dining experience.

The entire aquatic experience would require professional expertise to build the custom made glass tank, and include accessories such as the power head, heater, thermometer, lighting fixtures, and ecological filtration system. Another thing to note when it comes to recreating this bold setup – it comes at a price.

Additionally, you must find time and be ready to perform weekly water changes and regular maintenance to upkeep the overall health of the eco-system. This would give the aquatic inhabitants a realistic and natural environment, and of course, a beautiful and picturesque aquarium.

Get Creative With Floor Poufs


Another unique piece of décor is a pouf that could double as extra seating or foot rest underneath the dining table. These floor poufs are statement pieces for our dining room; they are versatile and also very easy to move around. So there are just a few things we need to DIY the pouf and it is pretty basic. The materials that we need to make the pouf out of (for example, towels and blankets are both generally accepted), a pair of scissors, measuring tape, thread and needle, glue gun and bag o’ beans.

Okay, the first step as Chris has put it seems quite an effortlessly easy step. We are told to lay out two different towels or blankets and take measurements according to the size and shape we want. This sort of makes me wonder what kind of pattern I want for my pouf (Do I want it to be modern, country, transitional or traditional?) and we end up cutting two pieces from each towel and criss-cross them.

When we have our pieces cut to size, we lay them out in the desired pattern and then we hot-glue any fray edges that we find. The next step is to stitch the pieces together using the ‘blanket stitch’ sewing method, leaving a small patch open for the bean o’ bag fill. Next, we have the pouf filled until it is quite full before sewing the patch entirely.

We thought they were pretty exciting and fun. Why not try them out yourselves if you enjoy adding character and creative ideas for your dining room.

Sam has extensive experience writing for interior decorating & wedding niches. She holds a major in Law and Business Studies, and also has an accreditation in TESOL.